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Revisiting Wonderful Places

As a result of new music having been written for the Cinematic Audiobook production of When Fear Is Not Afraid, the previous audiobooks are going to be re-recorded to ensure they benefit from it also. The music is expansive and emotive, and will go a long way to enhancing the audiobooks’ cinematic qualities. After all, the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels are international jet-setting adventures with large casts, and to portray them without such cinematics leaves them less than they could be.

Oh, my God. Not again. We can't go through all that again. I don't want to be involved. I just don't!

Re-recording them involves a lot of work, however, not least the therapy for the production team involved in putting the episodes together. Working with Thomas is like a dreadful role playing exercise in which no one knows what's going on or who they’re supposed to be, while everyone speaks at the same time. Amidst it all, Thomas whinges and carries on about being unable to actually read the books he's written and that he finds the microphone's proximity psychologically threatening. Regardless, it's important that the previous Dooven Books are redone to ensure consistency across the books' cinematics, and to improve their overall comprehension, which is one of the main concerns raised during the legal quagmire surrounding their original publication (see Writing Wrongly). Nevertheless, the Cinematic Audiobook editions remain the most popular consumption format of the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels, which is particularly odd considering they’re far harder to incinerate.

The team aims to re-release the first three titles before the fourth one comes out, as the fourth is the first in the Morigan Trilogy, which only makes sense if you know some basic mathematics. Ultimately, re-recording the books means an awful lot of therapy for an awful lot of people.

And that’s not including the listeners.


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