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Corfield writes books with no regard for the reader, the words chosen, or even himself. If his books are emotionally charged, it's only because of the rage he inspires through appalling grammar and complete lack of style. The contempt he has earnt from the literary community is nothing short of astonishing. He's wasted not only my time, but his own. 

Malcolm Shrot-Faith, The Guardian

Well, that's just charming, Malcolm. I don't have appalling grammar, I have what is termed "creative use of apostrophies." Moreover, your comments on style are hardly authoratative. I mean, have you seen your trousers?

Thomas Corfield, unperterbed.

2WBM Covid.jpg

Wrongly Writing has arrived!

The much anticipated second Wrong Book, and ongoing saga of an incomplete wanker, is available in paperback, ebook and an innovative audiobook, all of which involve international drug smuggling operations, complications over library membership, and the Dutch.

“Wrongly Writing is like a bad meal: in poor taste and unfinished.”

-  Oleg Vanastanovitski, Russian Mafia Hitman (unconvicted).

“The Wrong Books set the standard for having none.”

- Errica Brown-Bowen, Self-Opinionator.

“Possibly the only books written containing uncomfortable silences.”

- Messignton Blaese, Chief Architect, Baskin House Erect.

Find out about the new fiction genre required to accomodate his books:

Wrongly Writing

What happens when the worst writer in the world inadvertently decimates the entire publishing industry? This, that's what.


This is the prequel to the best-selling Sortabiography, Writing Wrongly; the ongoing saga of an incomplete wanker, and features more of the social ineptitude, cringing insensitivity and clinical indignity that the first book was occasionally known for. Initially written to promote the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels, the Wrong Books have become even more popular than the novels because their spelling's far better and their chapters are noticeably shorter. 


Now available! Just search Wrongly Writing.

A presentation on the music written for his Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels: 

The [Velvet Paw of Asquith] novels are a law unto themselves.  Innovative, absurd and wonderful. As cultivated as an established rose garden, and with far more compost.

The New Yorkshire Times


Rarely does a book redefine a genre. Corfield has gone one step further and created an entirely new one. New Fable fiction has finally come of age. It's just unfortunate there's no market for it.

The Washington Postman


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