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The second Wrong Book.


 The much anticipated ongoing saga of an incomplete wanker, involving international drug smuggling operations, complications over library membership, and the Dutch.

Wrongly Writing has even more psychiatrists, anaphylaxis and cringing social ineptitude than the first Wrong Book, and proves that while editors exist for a reason, the author clearly doesn’t. Follow a man barely deserving of the title as he flails through a turgid cesspit of human depravity, only to discover that he’s the one bunging up its U-bend.

Audiobook edition

Incorporating Non-associative Asynchronicity: the concept of intentionally mis-matching music and narrative to create an emotional juxtaposition that reflects the book’s themes of social ineptitude and delusion.

Ebook edition

Experience the extraordinary satisfaction of deleting the ebook edition from your device before even bothering to read a word!

Paperback edition

Honour the blasphemous death of trees used to print Wrongly Writing's paperback edition, which has a  health warning in its front matter and a certificate of achievement in its rear.

Thomas Corfield Wrongly Writing
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