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The Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels

Fluffy just got dangerous.

Discover the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels, starring cats and dogs in high adventure, romance, espionage, food fights, hotels, explosions and car chases.

Their international jet-setting adventures, involving greed, espionage and the occasional foray into professional cheese shaping, have cats and dogs taking center stage in a series of humorous and absurdist adventures. Also known as the Dooven Books, the books are aimed at a new adult audience and epitomize the emerging New Fable fiction genre. Its anthropomorphism permits a society recognizable as our own while allowing eccentricity to be the norm, rather than the exception, and absurdity to become eccentricity. This results in absurd societal behavior and ludicrous plots that permit a fresh perspective on storytelling. Were the characters human, this absurdity wouldn’t work. With their adventures set in vibrant and exotic locations, they have been described as "Wind in the Willows meets James Bond," though with fewer badgers. Although the books' characters are insane, the story-world is recognizable as our own, and with eccentricity as the norm rather than the exception, convention is not only turned upside down but shaken until some of its loose bits fall off.

While the premise of poetically inclined cats saving the world may seem absurd, New Fable brings credibility to the seemingly impossible and makes the absurd truly wonderful. Indeed, recently, sales of the series' Cinematic Audiobook Editions surpassed 10,000 copies, rendering it officially cult status, as reported by So, join the growing community of readers who have fallen in love with this captivating series and embark on a literary adventure like no other, except for those that are similar.

The Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels: where genius is a four-letter word, along with other spelling errors.

About the Dooven Books

Book Quizzes

Once you've read a Dooven book - even the free abridged version - you can answer a quiz about it and win some fantastic prizes. Except that they aren't particularly fantastic, and consist of a certificate that you have to print out yourself, and a letter from Oscar Teabag-Dooven in his own paw writing. But it's the thought that counts. At least it would be had there been any.

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