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The Purging of Ruen

Book 1 - The Purging Of Ruen

In which Oscar battles a misguided echelon of authoritative animals to save a beautiful city from certain destruction.


When assigned to determine the cause of brewing tensions in the exclusive seaside city of Ruen, Oscar Teabag-Dooven discovers it’s on the brink of tearing itself apart. Things become complicated when it appears those responsible are in charge of running the place.

Drawn into a scandalous plot of insanity and greed, Oscar befriends the Dervy, a young revolutionary, by throwing her off a cliff, and Horace, an elderly doctor with a phobia of worming ointments. Together they battle Sedervitz Tappen-Noo and the Pyjami, in an attempt to save a beautiful city from certain destruction.

Things don’t go according to plan, however, because they don’t have one.


Attempting to eradicate an entire city’s council before hurling oneself off a cliff is odd behavior for anyone, let alone the daughter of a police chief. Nor is it helped by a determination to graffiti mis-spelt words with appalling grammar in her own manure.

Politely, Oscar pointed this out to her.

So she punched him and pushed him off his stool.

“Good writing can only take you so far. These books take you considerably further, and then leave you behind.” - Daniella Dragosi, Unimpressed.

“I recall finding my divorce papers a more compelling read.”
- Russell Piorre, Divorced.


“These books have plots so thin that I actually broke one.” - David Micheal Milan, Nineteenth Century Industrialist.

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