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What the fluff is happening with the novels?

Alright, look, the fact is that last year I was fortunate to have been awarded a first-class honours for my forensic project, which provided opportunity to undertake a PhD in Forensic Odontology. In addition, I was also fortunate to have been granted a full-time tenured Clinical Lecturer position at the University Of Adelaide. This means that rather than writing the sixth Dooven Book, To Blunt The Sharpest Claw, I must now spend some time focussing on my research. Putting the Velvet Paw books on hold isn’t a bad thing, however, because I want the third book of the Morigan Trilogy (that is, the sixth Dooven Book), to be something remarkable, and having a break from writing them will allow it to fester in the recesses of my mind until eventually erupting with the sort of Doovenistic tsunami that spilt vats of hot-fin are renowned for.

The fourth and fifth books are complete and have been edited, with ‘When Fear Is Not Afraid’ already produced as a Cinematic Audiobook, and ‘With Eyes No Longer Blind’ in the process of being recorded. Although both books could be released by the end of the year, I prefer all three titles of the Morigan Trilogy to be released together, which means waiting until the sixth title is written and its Cinematic Audiobook produced, as the audiobooks are the most popular formats.

In the meantime, I will continue to write and produce Dooven Muzak, provide excerpts from the fourth and fifth books, and work on a series of video book readings and presentations on Polyauthorism that include Dooven Muzak, Extractionist Artwork, and background to the wonderful cities and exotic locations the Trilogy unfolds in. All of this additional media will become part of the World of the Velvet Paws coffee table book, which will follow the release of the Morigan Trilogy.

In the meantime, don’t forget that the second Wrong Book was released earlier this year, which, considering the awful reviews it got, probably had a significant role to play in Covid. Nevertheless, it has ensured two more Wrong Books will follow, which I am looking forward to writing immensely. As Sortabiographies about writing the Dooven Books, the Wrong Books may be vomituous therapeutic confessions of an incomplete wanker, but they have original punctuation and are cheaper than a psychiatrist.


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