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Writing "To Blunt The Sharpest Claw"

The progression of the sixth Dooven book is substantial, and the new circumstances around writing the thing are working favourably. Although it's written in bite-sized sites chunks, rather than the sometimes week-long immersions that gave rise to previous titles, it retains its Doovenistic authenticity. While shorter periods of writing may potentially reduce author immersion, it is, nevertheless, being written, which is an essential prerequisite for any book. The previous Dooven Books were written for days on end, without interruption, allowing complete immersion into their story and a certain vomited bolus that screamed Doovenism as a result. Now, however, the process is more bite-sized, resulting in reduced indigestion and fewer hiccups. This means that both story arc and style differ from previous titles. While previous books, with their extended time for writing, allowed frameworks to fall into place as writing progressed, this bite-sized approach requires greater scene scaffolding to ensure that smaller portions of writing remain congruent with story progression. Fortunately, this is working particularly well for this sixth book because, being the final title in the Dooven Book's Morigan Trilogy, it was always intended to be the most Doovenistic in the series, which this stylistic alteration seems to be distilling. Writing in small portions throughout the week, rather than in great, unbroken chunks, means that, although taking longer to write, it is more distended and contains greater detail than those before it. Instead of becoming immersed in storyworld, Thomas instead dips into it to savour the thing. While this has inevitably affected his writing stylistically, it has done so by thickening its Doovenism. Readers will be embraced by its Doovenism, rather than embroiled. To Blunt The Sharpest Claw was always intended to be the most mature and in-depth expression of Doovenism in the series, and so far, Thomas feels that this is certainly what's occurring,

You can read the sixth title as it is being written on Royal Road, Inkspired and Wattpad. Once complete, the entire Morigan Trilogy will be released together, including a remarkable and extensive Cinematic Audiobook experience that promises to rival out-of-body examples.


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