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A New Testament

A return to writing the Dooven Books is underway, and in particular, the sixth one, To Blunt The Sharpest Claw, which will be followed by the third Wrong Book, Spying Blindly. This return is accompanied by new and innovative Polyauthoric story world-building media, with a new format of Extractionist Artwork to facilitate its integration into concurrent complementary digital media. The most significant aspect of this return is the decision to serialise the writing of the sixth book on two separate serialisation platforms. Being the third book in the Morigan Trilogy, the original plan was to wait until its completion before releasing the Trilogy in its entirety. However, with the growing trend toward book serialisation—that is, releasing books as draft chapters are written—it will be serialised instead. Serialising the third book in a trilogy without releasing the first two completed titles might be considered a ridiculous idea. After all, asking readers to engage with an established cast two-thirds of the way through a story is asking a lot. Doing so is, however, no less ridiculous than the overall ridiculousness of the Dooven Books themselves, so it makes an odd sort of sense. Indeed, it may be easier to understand what’s going on in this sixth book if the absurdity cultivated over the fourth and fifth titles is avoided altogether, much of which currently had Oscar completely disemfabulated, despite his involvement from page one. Moreover, the Dooven Books are not particularly conventional, so releasing a trilogy in reverse order is appropriately Doovenistic. You can follow the serialisation at Royal Road and Inkspired.


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