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Finally, It's Fluffing Over.

The Sample Chapters for all current Dooven Books are now available for your viewing displeasure as the Sample Chapter Reinvention Project comes a grinding and euthanized end, its wake a seething conglomerate of shattered and exhausted staff of BM Media and Panda Books, many of which, once discharged from hospital, will probably be seeking careers elsewhere and substantial damages. The books have been entirely re-written, re-recorded and re-produced, with new Cinematic Audiobook editions available at all leading audiobook retailers. New cover art accompany new ebook editions and the paperbacks have more much less paper, thicker cardboard and an ABC alphabet chart to help readers get started. Enjoy this opening chapter from the first Dooven Book, The Purging of Ruen, and discover what all the fuss is about, before discovering that there isn't any.


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