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Official Self-Derogatory Advertising

In an example of Self-Derogatory Advertising (SDA), an advertisement for the first Velvet Paw of Asquith Novel has been an unmitigated disaster. Although the theory behind the psychology of negative positivity is sound, it turns out that regardless of how it's packaged, no one's interested in rubbish. Except, perhaps, garbage men, which really limits the books' audience. It's part of our Self-Derogatory Advertising strategy, which has been described as "possibly the worst idea in strategic marketing history." by Violeta Nedkova, which means there's a chance that it isn't.

Nevertheless, because the revamped Cinematic Audiobook edition of the book is well underway - as is the Sample Chapter Reinvention Project version, it seems prudent to share it here, because there's a good chance it will be banned everywhere else.


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