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Poster for Club Furballs

Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels
Poster for Club Furballs

The Furballs Hot-Fin Nightclub is an infamous venue in the north west of Ruen, a beautiful city renowned for its exclusiveness, turquoise sea and excellent restaurants. Beneath the oppression of an annihilistic council, Furballs has become the last bastion of hope for the young animals of Ruen. It’s a place for them to scheme and commiserate, with decent prices on mugs of hot-fin and plates of crispy scales. Especially on Thursday evenings when things often get out of control and cupboards are ransacked. Its patrons’ determination to be active participants in Ruen is refused by the Council, which results in protests in the form of excrement-smearing and very bad singing. In response, the Council squeezes further, which, ironically, helps their excrement-smearing.

Initially, its patrons’ dissent was vocal, with the intention of embarrassing the Council into leniency through extremely irritating three-part harmonisations of their adopted protest song “Why Does My Paw Smell Funny?” Their dreadful singing identified them too readily, however, and they were eventually forced into methods more subversive. Although the Council had been ruthless in closing down similar venues across Ruen, Furballs remains untouched, unlike their excrement, and its members tendency to congregate outside lavatories while singing about the Council’s meanness to a captured audience was abandoned in favour of blowing things up instead. Sometimes they have dance-offs.

From Book 1, The Purging Of Ruen.


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