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The First Dooven Muzak Album

Here are the sleeve notes for the first Dooven Muzak album, released earlier this year.

This first album of Dooven Muzak was written to showcase the theme music for the first books in the series, in particularly, the orchestral scores. ‘The Catacombs Anthem’ received some acclaim from DDM Music because of their interest in film soundtracks of the late 60s and early 70s. As a consequence, Tasty, Pooh and Corfield continued in this vein with the books theme music, ‘Oscar's Theme’ and the ‘Beaches Of Barras’, later adding their own influences of electronica in ‘Moonlight On Rooftops’ and ‘Sail Across The Sky’ (one of Corfield's favourites, reportedly describing the hot air balloons above Lubnatsi, a city from the fifth book). But these later tracks failed to gain DDM's interest, as the writers' tendency toward the electronic had strayed too far from their niche. When they no longer returned the writers' telephone calls, Corfield is reported to have cried solidly for three weeks. This has not been verified, however, partly because it's known to be medically impossible.


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