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The New Dooven Vanity Logo

It’s well known that few people’s attention span is greater than eight seconds anymore, let alone readers of the Dooven Books, whose attention span is restricted to deliberating whether they can be bothered reading them and whether they’re worth wasting good matches on if they can't. Here then, is the new vanity logo that will be used for the upcoming Sample Chapter Reinvention Project's videos, and all Dooven related videos thereafter. It's only five seconds long, compared to the previous version of thirty seconds, which means that nausea is far less likely, being a common complaint from those who watched previous Dooven videos in an effort to determine whether they’re worth watching, considering the books are so appalling. Any video content that follows this new logo, however, is bound to foster the sort of explosive involuntary regurgitation that both Thomas, and acute gastroenteritis, is renowned for.


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