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The Purging Of Ruen Trailer

Here is the trailer for the first Dooven book, “The Purging Of Ruen.” It hasn’t a single animal in it, which is odd considering the book is full of them. As a trailer, therefore, it’s completely off the mark as far as characters are concerned, but in terms of plot, it suggests an interesting one. This is also odd, considering the book doesn’t have one of these, either. It does, however, have some extraordinary uses of apostrophes, often in inconsistent and highly distracting ways. The trailer has none at all, which is fortunate, because if it were the other way around, no one would bother reading the thing. The trailer also suggests an action-packed rollercoaster of an adventure, which is another noteworthy oddity, considering the book was reviewed recently as “about as action-packed as cheese lurking at the back of a refrigerator.” However, although this suggests a very distinct lethargy on the part of said cheese, it does raise the possibility of the cheese being some sort of sleeper agent, lying in wait to unleash punishment upon those deserving. Interestingly, the book has nothing resembling this, either.


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