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The Tetralogy's Book Covers

The design of book covers has been finalized with a selection of four different styles that I need to decide between. The overall design features a dark background with badges associated with each of the books. During the technical edits, it was suggested that because there are four books, they could be associated with each of the four elements: earth, fire, wind and water. This is particularly apt considering that the first book in the tetralogy has much to do with mountains and the basic forces and fundamentals of magic. The second book is very much about battling fires and infernos. The third book has elements of air travel and balloons, while the fourth book is very much about crossing the great ocean.

It's great working with a team of designers in this regard because they are able to see facets of the books that I was not aware of while writing them. It is remarkable that the four books have each of these elements at their core, which goes a long way toward giving them a sense of completeness and unity. The only difference between the cover deisngs is the style of the badges, and we've gone for a combination of high adventure and low fantasy, which is the theme of the New Fable genre, and it's important not to relegate these books to being fantasy just becuase they feature anthropomorphic cats and dogs.

In this way, the Morigan Tetralogy has badges that blend the artisan of low fantasy with elements of high adventure in a contemporary vein. I now have to make a choice between the four options available, though I think, as with writing, intuition plays a big part, and that means there's little need for deliberation: the choice is already made the moment they're looked upon.


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