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Trilogy to Tetralogy

Considering the final word count and the structure of the overall story arc, the trilogy has been restructured as a tetralogy. This means that rather than containing the fourth, fifth, and sixth books in the series, it now contains the fourth, sixth, and seventh books in the series. Originally, A Masterful Revenge had a specific storyline that I was going to write once other projects were out of the way and the Morigna adventure was released, but now it seems that storyline will either need to become part of the second series or not be written at all, as the final book in the series has a very specific story that helps culminate the entire series in the event that I die and I'm not able to write a final second series. Nevertheless, half a million words of serious Doovenism are apparent in the Morigan Tertalogy, and considering the extent and expanse of this adventure, I can safely say that there will never be another multibook New Fable adventure; at least, not in the Velvet Paw of Asquith novels. I doubt there will even be another trilogy. I don't know how I'll try to surmount this adventure posthumously. As mentioned, the next one, When Stars Begin To Fall, has undergone outlining and will not need to be so expansive, but after exhausting the exploration of the extent of what a tetralogy can offer in the world of the Velvet Paws, I almost feel that any future books will be anticlimactic.

Actually, that's not true: they will be wonderful. They must be if Oscar's in them.


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