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Volume 6: More Dooven Muzak!

Dooven Muzak Volume Six has been announced by MC Tasty and DJ Pooh, which means more anemic pop and vagrant jazz to accompany the Velvet Paw of Asquith Novels. The tracks will be released incrementally, rather than all at once, and the first, titled The City of Poets has already received no attention whatsoever from anyone, anywhere. This doesn't concern the musicians, however, who are relieved by the lack of interest their music draws.

"Our music's clinically dreadful," says MC Tasty, the better looking of the two musicians responsible for the aural carnage of Dooven Muzak. "I think we'd be up for assault if anyone actually listened to it. It's one of the reasons we don't get it mastered properly. Initially, we didn't bother with a sound engineer in the hope that it would make our music stand out against the perfectly engineered pop music already out there by sounding rustic, lo-fi and granular in comparison. But we now realize that it's safer for sound engineers as well, principally because it's much less likely that their ears will bleed."

"That's right," says DJ Pooh, who's quite remarkably ugly in comparison. "It works out rather well all round. Especially when you consider how dreadful the books are that our music's written for."

The album contents will be released incrementally as they tracks are produced, rather than all at once, to mimic the act of defecation.


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