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Forensics and Doovenism

Following the recent rewriting of my novel, Viscera, which has the tagline “when jealousy becomes disease, only surgery holds the cure”, I have been involved in an honours in Forensic Science. Specifically, Forensic Odontology. The programme runs for a year and means I should be better armed to add darker scripts to my future books. It also means that writing the sixth Dooven Book, To Blunt The Sharpest Claw, (the third title in the Morigan Trilogy), will not commence until the honours is complete. This is, however, a good thing, as the book will benefit from a hiatus in Doovenistic writing to ensure it’s a cumulative cauldron of brilliance and wit as the climax of the trilogy. Nevertheless, I intend to continue writing the second Wrong Book, Wrongly Writing, during this time, and coincide its release with the completion of my studies. Fortunately, the fifth Dooven Book, With Eyes No Longer Blind, has been written and edited, and is awaiting its Cinematic Audiobook production. I am deliberating, along with those who organise such things, whether the fourth, fifth and sixth Dooven Books should be released all together, along with their Cinematic Audiobooks, rather than sequentially. They are a trilogy, after all. If so, it means that, although they’re complete, the fourth and fifth titles won’t be available until the sixth is written, which is some time away. If this includes their Cinematic Audiobook editions, which are the Dooven Books’ most popular format, it will be even longer. In the meantime, a new album of Dooven Muzak will be released, as my crew become released from various other projects and prison. Also, ongoing video productions promoting the books will continue, along with excerpts and chapters from the fourth and fifth titles. Bits of Wrongly Writing will be dribbled out, too, especially since they resemble, and have strong themes of, watery manure.

Viscera is a dark and brooding university medical tome set in London and Marseilles, and has no Doovenism in it, whatsoever.


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