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Sleeve Note excerpt from Dooven Muzak Volume 5

Dooven Muzak Volume 5 Track name: Stroll Along Rue d’Bisarah

The conclusion of the fifth book and the opening of the sixth book centre around the city of Bisarah, a coastal city bathed in beautiful golden sunsets and terracotta skies in a world that has never endured destruction, war, hate or loss. Consequently, it's a great metropolis with cleaning silver towers above beautifully antique cafes. It is, quite possibly, the antithesis of Arabesque. Despite its maze of streets, it has only one street name: Rue’ d’Bisarah, as is the custom nomenclature for street names in the Dooven Books for reasons that even Thomas doesn’t understand. Houses, apartment buildings, cafes and restaurants, are all numbered along this single road, with ridiculous addresses arising as a consequence. Oscar, for example, had an appointment at two-hundred and thirty-six thousand, five hundred and thirty-seven, Rue d-Bisarah, which, interestingly, was written in gravy for reasons that will become apparent upon the Trilogy’s release.

Oscar had been surprised to learn that, despite the myriad of roads criss-crossing the city, they were not individually named, but were instead considered to be part of the same one. Every intersection, causeway, alley and lane were extensions of, and subsequently called, Rue d’Bisarah. When originally informed of this, the stare he’d given Flumpt had left the dog concerned something violent might follow, which left him assuring Oscar that such nomenclature wasn’t unusual, and that, rather than be irritated, Oscar should think himself lucky that they ended up in Bisarah and not SchmnAaAAl, which didn’t bother naming its streets at all, considering the confusion over the capital and lowercase As, the sequence of which had not been agreed on in any official capacity. Flumpt also pointed out that although another city, Bnna Uhhghten Eracncssd, did have different names allocated for different streets, it was only because spelling Rue d’Bnna Uhhghten Eracncssd was so difficult that an assortment of random permutations had been distributed in the hope that at least one correct iteration existed, somewhere.


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